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Lean on Me

Reinvigorate your case management with strategies for establishing patient trust during the initial client visit.


Linkage-to-care (L2C) coordinators work closely with new and returning patients. They are often the center of a client’s care team, and they play a critical role in bridging the patient–provider relationship. Thus, building client rapport and trust is critical to the success of any L2C coordinator’s profession. During this webinar, His Health collaborator Terrell Parker, program manager at Brother’s United, a community-based organization serving LBGT people in Indianapolis, will discuss: 

  • Strategies for establishing trust during the initial client visit
  • Benefits and challenges of implementing the peer-professional model in L2C work
  • Taking a client-centered approach to addressing barriers to care
  • How communication style affects trust and rapport
  • The importance of being dependable
  • Gauging and leveraging client trust to build stronger patient/provider relationships


Brothers United / The Damien Center

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Program Contact

Terrell Parker

Program Manager

(317) 200-3658

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