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America's Hidden HIV Epidemic

Jermerious Buckley, an HIV-positive man in Jackson, Miss.

The New York Times reports that the increasing rates of HIV constitutes a public health crisis that is most acute in Southern states, which accounted for 54 percent of all new diagnoses in 2014. More specifically, it is home to 21 of the 25 metropolitan areas with the highest HIV prevalence among gay and bisexual men. A large number of these men are unaware of their HIV status and have not been linked to care. Terrance Moore explains that these are "the same individuals that are dealing with structural barriers around lack of employment, lack of education and opportunities, transportation and, of course, very, very overt institutional racism."

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His Health Feature on Mother Jones

NASTAD's Deputy Executive Director, Terrance Moore, has a frank and honest conversation about the health and well-being of Black MSM with Mother Jones. The article delves into the myriad factors that contribute to the high life-time risk of HIV acquisition among Black MSM patients. This population is more likely to not be aware of their HIV status, face racial bias in health care settings and lack access to healthcare insurance. These problems compounded with pervasive homophobia in our society, make Black MSM more vulnerable to HIV. “There’s still a lot of stigma,” Moore says to Mother Jones, “We still have a lot of work to do.”

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Happy New Year!

Wow! 2017 has been an extraordinary year for His Health. While there’s no doubt we have a long way to go toward transforming healthcare for Black MSM and transgender patients, we want to take this opportunity to thank you for your support and wish you the happiest new year!

We’re thrilled to share a short promotional video that showcases our popular resources. Please share with your networks!

Take a look at the trailer to find out what’s next for His Health in 2018.

Watch the Roland Martin Show Uplifting His Health on World Aids Day

“The notion that in one's lifetime, that if you are Black and gay, that you are more than 50 percent likely to contract HIV is disturbing," said Terrance Moore on NewsOne’s "Roland Martin Show." Moore discusses the importance of coalition-building among government public health officials, Black advocacy organizations, and healthcare providers to address the HIV/AIDS epidemic. By highlighting the disparate racial impact of HIV/AIDS on Black men who have sex with men (MSM), he enhances our sense of urgency around this issue. Moore points viewers to His Health, which he considers to be a groundbreaking project that can train healthcare providers to unpack their implicit biases, link Black LGBTQ patients to care and retain them there, and prescribe life-saving medications, such as PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis).

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